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About Us

Be ReelOffishal.

Reel Offishal is a new and aspiring line of fishing apparel and fishing related gear designed for those of us who are serious about fishing.

Fishing is required, catching is preferred, and going home is always optional.


ReelOffishal was founded in September 2020 by a few family members and friends... just every day fishermen looking for a brand that was more representative of, and accessible to, the average fisherman. From those just learning to love fishing to those whose love has long outgrown their budget. 

At the moment we're figuring out the most cost effective quality materials, manufacturing, shipping, marketing, and all that jazz. So all the stuff here is dropshipped. Which means the prices are bit higher than we’d like for the time being However, ReelOffishal Gear will be the best possible combination of quality, functionality, and affordability. It may take us a little longer to manufacture our own products and bring the prices down, but we'll find a way.

In the meantime, if you're interested in our brand and progress please sign up for news and notifications below. We hope to see you online and on the water in ReelOffishal Gear soon! Wish us luck on this journey.


Make it ReelOffishal!

Our Values: Faith, Family, Friends, and Fishing. Lots of Fishing.

Thanks for making it ReelOffishal!

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