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We fish, a lot. And we catch a lot of fish. Freshwater, saltwater, and brackish. In bays, inlets, intercoastal water ways, canals, rivers, lakes, creeks, and ponds. Basically anywhere deep enough to submerge a hook.

From spotted bass to speckled sea trout on lures or live bait we don't discriminate. No boat required. Just a desire to learn and some time to work out the finer points. It's called fishing and not "catching" for a reason. Because most of your time on the water is spent fishing, not catching.


The fishing part changes people for the better. And if you keep at it eventually fishing catches you. Fishing is more than sport. Fishing is a real life puzzle. Fishing is therapy. It teaches patience, power of perspective, creative thought, perseverance, and mental mastery among a great many other things. 

ReelOffishal aims to catch and bless as many people as possible with fishing. This is just the first of many channels we are developing to share our passion.

We hope you hang around and make it ReelOffishal. 

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